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Workday Podcast: Driving Healthcare Forward with Technology Innovation

How is technology helping healthcare organisations stay competitive and move their business forward? OhioHealth’s Anna Hensley and KPMG’s Vince Vickers share their insights.

For the healthcare industry, the intensity of work and the pace of transformation since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has been unmatched by any other industry. And healthcare providers—clinicians, administrative staff, and healthcare business leaders—aren't expecting the pace of change to slow anytime soon. As organisations move forward—striving for improved patient and employee experiences, increased supply chain resilience, and optimised costs—technology remains essential for innovation. 

In this episode of the Workday Podcast, Sarah Hickman Auger, industry solution marketing manager for healthcare at Workday, connects with Vince Vickers, principal at KPMG, and Anna Hensley, vice president for ERP portfolio and talent acquisition at OhioHealth, to discuss the trends and opportunities in healthcare and the technology that organizations are using to drive the industry forward. In the conversation, they dig into how enterprise solutions can help. 

Below are a few highlights from the conversation, edited for clarity. You can find our other podcast episodes here. Be sure to follow us wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts, so you don’t miss an episode.

“We learned … a better way to connect using Workday with the COVID challenges that we've had. Now being able to get real-time data across our entire organisation, understanding where our equipment is, and things like that have been invaluable.” — Anna Hensley

“Without collaboration technologies like we're using today, without cloud applications to allow us to access key enterprise solutions for us as business folks from home, from our phones, from anywhere, how could we have survived COVID, and kept this economy going and continued to support our healthcare organisations?” — Vince Vickers

“Building a culture of diversity and inclusion is at the forefront of what we're doing. We believe that any associate should be able to come to work and be their whole self. And, that's the way we live every day. I think technology has afforded us the ability to be able to reach different potential associates. I think it's also given us the ability to really serve our communities differently.” — Anna Hensley

“As we look at technologies like telehealth, telemedicine, there really are opportunities there to improve the quality of care and reduce the cost. So that's the challenge that's ahead of us. COVID forced us a little bit. But I think the opportunity is immense as to what's out there for us as we come out of the pandemic.” — Vince Vickers

Workday · Driving Healthcare Forward With Technology Innovation

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