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What role does IT play in driving sustainability? Can you help by making better buying decisions? Yes, with Acer

Growing awareness of global climate change has become a focus and responsibility of organisations, businesses, and governments over the last decade. In particular, firms are facing several external pressures deriving from environmental regulations that push them to implement green practices. There must be a shared commitment to the achievement of the carbon net zero goal by 2050 for the prevention of further global warming.

Many climate scientists and energy experts question whether it is viable to limit the global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius by this century’s end. Committed to the shaping of a secure and sustainable energy future, the International Energy Agency have affirmed that this goal can be realised only if dramatic actions are taken within the next decade.


IT and sustainability

Scientists and governments agree on the need to re-evaluate all aspects of human activity that cause  pollution. Low-carbon alternatives must be implemented if energy efficiency improvements are to grow by 4% annually; three times their current rate. EUC devices are responsible for 34% of IT-related pollution across the UK, with up to 80% of general pollution caused by their daily use.


Step 1: Assess your current IT products

An initial assessment of your current IT products is encouraged as a positive first step in your eco- friendly journey. This will allow for the identification of equipment that breaches standards of verified social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

Acer has launched the Green Rewards program for the sustainable, secure, and affordable support of eco-friendly technological transformation. IT users are encouraged to register for instant valuations of their legacy devices, which can be sent to Acer for re-use. Green rewards may then be exchanged for new Acer devices, boosting energy efficiency by up to 84%.


Step 2: Invest in sustainable products.

The advice is to look for products that are low in toxins, energy-efficient, resource-efficient, and easy to recycle. Acer have designed the complete Vero range with eco-friendly PCR plastics, prioritising ease of repair and optimum efficiency thanks to the inclusion of the custom eco mode. The Acer Chromebook Spin 513 and Chromebook Spin 311 allow for exceptionally low energy consumption; up to nearly 70% per annum when compared to a typical Windows device estate, as validated by the Px3 independent benchmarking. “Organisations seeking to adopt sustainable IT strategies are enabled to achieve abatement goals, reduce electricity consumption and accurately substantiate success by transitioning to the Acer 513 Spin Chromebook” affirmed Justin Sutton-Parker, Px3’s research director.


Step 3: E-waste management

Businesses dispose of thousands of electronic appliances each day, with e-waste or electronic trash being one of the major sources of global waste. However, greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption levels can be reduced significantly through the adoption of responsible recycling practices.

Acer has committed to the promotion of the circular economy, enabling the re-use of obsolete devices in partnership with RE-TEK - a multi-award-winning Information Technology Asset Disposition. The aim is to extend the life cycle of IT products, with design choices that encourage repair and refurbishing as opposed to the creation of e-waste. The chain of recycling can be continued through the reuse and remanufacture of parts, with materials being recycled wherever  possible. Acer promises a discount on each new purchase, with an additional incentive being offered as part of the eco-friendly exchange.

Furthermore, Acer is committed to increasing the number of locations for the collection and reuse of lithium batteries. This will in turn decrease the need for raw cobalt, which would otherwise be used in the creation of new devices. Not only will this result in less pollution, but the world will become a fairer and more humane place, as the worrying association between cobalt mining and child labour is addressed


Step 4: Drive less, drive green

85% of public sector workers have confirmed changes in the views taken of flexible and remote working among their organisations in the wake of the pandemic. Research results indicate that remote working reduced commuting emissions by 43% in 2019 and 97% in 2020, resulting in a reduction of 1.9 tonnes of CO2 e per person over the study period. Apart from being more environmentally sustainable, hybrid working also offers employees benefits associated with improved work-life balance.

Together with Acer and partners, we can provide solutions that help individuals and businesses reduce their environmental footprint. Such initiatives are also bound to increase employee well- being, with the creation of intelligent and connected workspaces setting you up for success.

Step 5: Reusable packaging

A simple solution sometimes goes a long way, with sustainable packing being the small business’s greatest environmental contribution. Acer has been using recycled paper and reducing package sizes so that not only the product but even the box it comes in is eco-friendly.

The reduction of packaging size and weight also results in increased shipping efficiency, with environmentally-savvy transportation choices allowing for significant fuel savings. You can be assured in the knowledge that less fuel has been used in the delivery of your Acer product.

Are you keen to begin your sustainable transformation journey? Contact your preferred reseller or our team for friendly support in the choice of an Acer solution that best fits your needs. Reach out today: [email protected]


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