Site Selection and Delivery – Choosing the right charge speed in the right location to optimize usage

Part of a series, in partnership with Liberty Charge this webinar looks at the funding and procurement options for councils to assist with their on-street EV installation requirements.

Choosing the right site and the right charge point type is a challenge for local authorities.

This webinar, which took place on the 22nd of November on the PSE Virtual Events platform, looked to uncover the issues plus deliver ideas and solutions so that local authorities can meet the government’s ambition of 300,000 charge points.

Whilst on the surface connecting a charger to the mains seems simple, there are complications in terms of load, usage, and cost. Considerations need to be taken for example: does a residential street require a charger of 50kW or more? What is the impact on the grid?

How long does a vehicle stay in situ? Should penalties be applied for ‘icing’? Should dedicated bays be allocated? Most would assume on a residential street a vehicle is usually stationary overnight therefore a slower charge point is adequate which may also mean the load on the grid will be less.

As an opposite, an in-town on-street charge point may need to be of a high kW output due to occupation of a parking bay tends to be around 2-4 hours. Again, the potential load on the grid needs to be examined along with the associated costs. All in all, a conundrum for local authorities and planners but solvable.

Host, Matt Croucher, EV Services Director at Liberty Charge was joined by Ollie James, Head of Business Readiness at Virgin Media 02, Elizabeth Bohun Lead Technologist EV Integration at Oxfordshire County Council, Kester Sleeman, ULEV Programme Manager at Black Country Transport and Gail Rowe, Head of Planning and Impact, Liberty Charge to share their experience and knowledge around what they've learnt through the process of selecting sites for EV charging, how to determine which type of charge point is the right solution for that site, how many to put in and when.


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PSE December/January 2024

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Public Sector Executive Podcast

Ep 48. Achieving Net Zero - Cllr Abdul Jabbar - Oldham Council

As central government aims for the UK to be net zero by 2050, councils around the country make plans for how to reduce emissions. This episode’s guest, Oldham’s Councillor Abdul Jabbar outlines the importance of coming together to reduce the nation’s carbon footprint, the benefits of achieving net zero, and how Oldham Council are working to do just that.

Touching on the role that the public sector can play in sustainability, Cllr Jabbar said:

“I think it’s really important that the public sector gives true leadership in this space. I think something like one third of the carbon emissions in the country come from the public sector, so obviously we’re a big polluter in terms of the emissions.”

Councillor Jabbar also spoke about challenges being faced by organisations:

“I think the biggest one has been finance. Clearly the local government sector in particular has had its grants cut from central government by a huge amount and that’s had a very big impact in terms of our plans to take forward projects in relation to climate change, so that’s a major issue.”

To hear what Cllr Jabbar has to say about the mission to achieve net zero carbon emissions, listen to the latest episode of the Public Sector Executive Podcast.

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