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PMQs: Was the Chancellor’s furlough extension too late?

The Prime Minister opened the questions by paying tribute to veterans and current service people who have risked their lives, with some unfortunately paying the ultimate price in order to protect the United Kingdom’s liberties.

The Leader of the Opposition did much the same before starting his questions.

Keir Starmer quizzed the Mr Johnson about the government’ awarding of contracts to private companies, some of whom have failed to deliver the products they were paid to, as well as questioning why a reported £670k was paid to PR consultants to help the vaccine taskforce  

The PM was sturdy in his response, saying that the PR was essential to be able to properly inform the public about what was being done to protect them from Covid-19 with the private sector being absolutely necessary to be able to effectively deliver PPE to the public sector.

The Government has been accused of cronyism in recent weeks, with several high profile positions related to the Coronavirus response being filled by wives of Conservative MPs, donors and friends.

The Chancellor was also mentioned throughout, with his decision to leave it until the last minute to announce the furlough extension potentially costing people their livelihoods.

The PM hit back by pointing out how robust the Job Retention Scheme has been in keeping jobs going, with several independent bodies praising the scheme as being one of the best in the world terms of saving jobs and keeping the economy ticking over.

PSE Dec/Jan 20-21

PSE Dec.Jan 20

Public services committee: Learning from Covid

Click here to read the Dec/Jan issue of our PSE magazine which looks at the lessons we can learn from Covid, what can be done better but maybe even more importantly, what we discovered during the pandemic that should be carried on even when Coronavirus is defeated. Read our interview with Chair of the Public Services Committee, Baroness Hilary Armstrong as well as invaluable insight from Bristol’s Smart City and Innovation Manager, Freyja Lockwood, on how their smart city plans are revolutionising Bristol.


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