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New content on relationship breakdown and domestic abuse on the Shelter housing advice site

Relationship breakdown is very difficult - and it is especially difficult if you face housing problems when your relationship ends.

To help people understand their options, the Digital Advice team at Shelter has created new housing advice content for people who are going through a relationship breakdown or experiencing domestic abuse.

There are new guides, articles, videos and letter templates. The content is a direct response to the questions asked by callers to our emergency helpline and hubs, and visitors to our webchat and online services.


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Contact with Shelter about housing and relationship breakdown

People often contact the Shelter helpline and webchat service with concerns about housing if their relationship ends.

It is common for people to raise issues such as being told by their ex-partners that they have to leave their home right away. Other people want to know if they have any right to stay if they’re not on the mortgage or tenancy. People also want to know if their local council will help them find housing if they leave. Some people have nowhere to go when the relationship ends.


Domestic abuse

Shelter also gets calls from people who are dealing with domestic abuse and who need to know how to house themselves and their children if they leave. People who are at risk of domestic abuse are often in extremely dangerous and stressful situations. They need clear and concise information about the help they should get. They need to know how to get emergency housing from a council, or a place in a refuge.

Some people don’t realise that they are in priority need for housing help from a council if they are homeless because of domestic abuse. They don’t know to ask for emergency housing. They are not sure what should happen after they’ve been placed in emergency housing, or how to make a homelessness application. People need to know their rights if they go to a council for help.


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Trying to find a rented home

Many people are worried about finding somewhere to live in today's challenging rental market. Private rented housing is extremely expensive and out of the reach of a lot of people. Most people are very unlikely to get social housing. Cash-strapped councils are not always helpful, even in domestic abuse situations.


New and updated content includes: 

Content for people who share a mortgage and want to separate. This is a problem that comes up regularly. People don’t know if they have the right to stay in the home after their relationship ends. They don’t know if they can be made to leave. Many people worry that there could be problems with selling or repossession.

Help for private renters who are separating while in a joint tenancy. This content addresses a lot of the issues that people raise with our advisers. People want to know what happens if one person on the tenancy moves out and the other wants to stay. Others want to know what to do if their ex-partner ends the tenancy. Another question that people often ask is what to do if their partner stops paying rent.

Guidance on home rights. People often want to know if being married, in a civil partnership, or living with someone as a partner gives them rights to stay in the home

Help and advice for people who are at risk of domestic abuse but find that the council won’t help.

Content which explains how to make an abusive partner leave your home


New video content

Videos to go with the new content include:

What are my tenancy rights if I split up with my partner? 

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Getting homeless help from the council after a breakup

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