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How Workday is driving UK digital transformation in the public sector

At Workday our human capital management software and enterprise cloud applications are supporting public and private sector growth, empowering UK workers, and helping to build a more innovative, resilient economy.

Transforming government services

Reducing costs and increasing value. Our single system for finance HR and planning drives organisational efficiencies, greater agility and real-time insights – helping local and national governments to save on costs. By reducing complexity, providing cloud-based enterprise applications and streamlining processes, Workday helps government leaders make smarter, faster, data-driven decisions, and better support employees. Because of the speed and efficiency of our deployments, the time is slight, and return on investment is great, as demonstrated in the value studies of our UK public sector customers.

Ensuring team cohesion. In a post-Covid-19 workplace, with new working models for many, having instant access to key performance information is crucial for minimising mission drift and duplication costs. Unifying and automating systems for finance, HR and payroll via our suite of enterprise software management tools ensures a consistent and intuitive user experience for your people, wherever they’re working.

Improving retention. Workday can also provide government decision makers with data-driven insights relating to employee retention and engagement. Our continuous listening platform, Workday Peakon Employee Voice, empowers organisations to understand how employees are thinking and feeling in real time through regular and confidential employee surveys. As the UK Government works to rebuild the economy and support seamless public sector services, ensuring smooth onboarding processes for staff, understanding the impact of policy changes on employees, and ensuring employee retention are essential.

Digitising credentials on the new world of work. Workday Credentials and WayTo by Workday uses blockchain technology to securely issue and check credentials, offering a frictionless way to automate data verification. Our services align with the UK Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework, which verifies credentials of individuals, as well as the National Data Strategy, which focuses on how data sharing can be promoted across the economy.

Crown Commercial Service (CCS) and Workday

We’ve helped CCS transform the way its finance and HR specialist operate, replacing paper-based processes with self-service applications for absences and claiming expenses. Finance and HR teams can now focus an adding strategic value rather than managers and the leadership team. CCS is just at the beginning of unlocking Workday functionality. They’ve already launched a new onboarding and learning hub for employees, and plan to manage recruitment through our system too.

Driving a stronger UK economy

One-third of FTSE 100 companies are Workday customers, and over 1,500 global and UK headquartered organisations use Workday every day. We play a key role in helping UK businesses – SMEs and multinationals alike – grow strategically and scale. With more than one-third of firms expecting 75 percent or more of their revenue to come from digital within the next three years, using the cloud and data-driven insights will prove critical to staying ahead. Workday equips companies with the efficiencies, data insights and digital solutions they need to grow profits, reduce organisational costs, and succeed in a changing digital economy.

Levelling up

Our efforts don’t just focus on the biggest hubs but aim to reach every part of the UK. Apart from our offices in London and Reading, where we’ve doubled our headcount in the past three years, our partners have invested heavily in offices across the UK and Northern Ireland. The UK Government is working to drive local investments, skills initiatives, and economic growth in a postCOVID-19 economy. And, as an experienced partner, we’re ready to support skills development and organisational growth through Workday Skills Cloud, as well as through our partner organisations, including Career Ready, City Gateway, Code Your Future, and Founders and Coders.

Ensuring a smooth return to the workplace

As the UK Government implements the ‘Working Safely’ guidance, we’re working to connect workers to the resources and answers they need to navigate a safe, seamless return to the workplace. Through Workday Extend, which allows customers to build new apps to run alongside existing Workday solutions, we’ve helped Fortune 500 customers adapt swiftly to new business and safety requirements. Our partner Kainos worked with a public sector customer to develop a tailored Return to Office app with booking, self-attesting and contact tracing functionality. As offices across the UK continue to reopen, we can help people return to the workplace safely by creating phased returns by skill set and other risk factors and enabling more effective site planning.

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