Government funding supporting vulnerable adults

The UK government has announced life changing funding that is aiming to support vulnerable adults with complex needs.

Announced by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, funding worth £10.7 million will be used to provide world-class support services for some of the most vulnerable in society, such as those experiencing homelessness, substance misuse, mental health issues, domestic abuse and contact with the criminal justice system.

Developing new and innovative ways of supporting vulnerable adults, new ways of supporting people could include the use of technology, peer support or community-based initiatives.

The government's announcement has been welcomed by charities and other organizations that work with vulnerable adults. They say that the funding will make a real difference to the lives of some of the most disadvantaged people in society.

How the funding will be used

The funding will be used to provide a range of support services to vulnerable adults, including:

  • Housing and homelessness support: This could include providing temporary accommodation, helping people to find permanent homes, or providing support to help people stay in their own homes.
  • Substance misuse treatment and support: This could include providing treatment for drug or alcohol addiction or helping people to access support groups or other services.
  • Mental health support: This could include providing therapy, medication, or other support services to people with mental health problems.
  • Domestic abuse support: This could include providing support to victims of domestic abuse, helping them to get away from their abuser or providing legal advice.
  • Criminal justice support: This could include providing support to people who have been involved in the criminal justice system, helping them to reintegrate into society or providing support to their families.

The funding is expected to have a significant impact on the lives of vulnerable adults. It is estimated that the funding will help over 10,000 people. The funding will also help to create jobs and support local economies.

Felicity Buchan, Minister for Housing and Homelessness, said:

“The Changing Futures programme is already making a big difference to thousands of lives across the country, supporting some of our most vulnerable people.

“The additional funding announced today will further support local areas and I look forward to seeing the long-lasting positive impact this will have on peoples’ lives.”



Where will the funding be used?

  • Bristol
  • Greater Manchester
  • Lancashire
  • Nottingham
  • Plymouth
  • Sheffield
  • South Tees
  • Stoke
  • Surrey
  • Westminster

Chief Executive of Sheffield City Council, Kate Josephs, said:

“This additional funding will enable us to expand the programme in Sheffield so that we can support more people experiencing multiple disadvantages, whist continuing to work together and share further learning both locally and nationally.

“I am thrilled about the announcement which guarantees our Changing Futures programme for another year.

“The programme is a great example of our values in action at Sheffield City Council; putting people at the heart of what we do, being honest and transparent about what needs to improve and working collaboratively to achieve shared goals.”


Image credit: iStock


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