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Ep 50. Myth-busting and unlocking potential, Cllr Anne Handley

In the 50th episode of the Public Sector Executive, Leader of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council Cllr Anne Handley talks about the upcoming devolution deal for the region and what it can bring to East Yorkshire.

Councillor Handley delved into the potential that East Yorkshire holds, ongoing transport issues and, touching on just how important the deal is for the region, said:

“It’s really important. We are the last part of Yorkshire to actually have any kind of deal…

“…We need the funding like everybody else, and why shouldn’t we have it?”

Whilst discussing some of the challenges that the deal poses, including the consultation around it, Cllr Handley added:

“We need to let as many people know as we possibly can, and do some myth-busting, explain what the positives of this will be and get the local residents on board so that they’re talking about it and know about it. There’s a job to be done to start with because you say the word combined authority and it’s such a misnomer.

“I really wish it wasn’t in purely and simply because we’re not combining.”

To hear more about the devolution deal for East Yorkshire, listen to the latest episode of the Public Sector Executive Podcast.


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