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2024 Public Sector Digital Transformation Online Conference

The world is changing. As it becomes more and more digital, online solutions are becoming the standard way of solving real-world problems.

With organisations in the UK public sector looking to reap the benefits of the digital world, Public Sector Executive hosted the 2024 Public Sector Digital Transformation Online Conference. To pass on key insight, attendees were joined by experts from organisations such as the National Audit Office, Greater Manchester Combined Authority, and the Cabinet Office.

Digital Skills

As digital transformation is embraced further across the sector, the need to develop digital skills grows more important. By upskilling the current public workforce, critical challenges can be addressed, whilst also supporting the attraction or development of the best talent.

The first panel discussion of the conference focused around digital skills and the impact that a digitally skilled workforce can have. Leading the conversation was Robert Ling (North Yorkshire Council), Kieran Smith (Greater Manchester Combined Authority), and Kat Sexton (Birmingham City Council).


For the second discussion of the day, the handling and navigation of data was put under the spotlight. In this digital society, data rules all, with information holding the key to understanding everything from welfare to transport and planning. With this in mind, keeping on top of ever-evolving data-handling methods is critical to keeping up with the latest digital developments.

David Terrar (Cloud Industry Forum), Simone Thomas (Cheshire West and Chester Council), and Jonathan Pownall (National Audit Office) came together to discuss the most important things to consider when implementing new data policies – covering legal foundations, cyber risks, and how data forms the foundation of making better decisions.

Hyland Strategic Keynote

As partner of the conference, software company Hyland held the first strategic keynote of the day. Together with Hyland’s Graham Lewis, Shoed Sarguroh (Head of ECM Centre of Excellence at the Student Loans Company) explored how organisations can operationalise their communication workflows.

Using examples from within the Student Loans Company, Shoeb delves into how structure and case management has allowed more time to be freed up, as well as reducing paper costs and improving user experience. Attendees were also able to hear some top tips on how projects around this can be approached, as well as the how best to pick the right technology partner.

Networking and Infrastructure

As with many other issues with modernisation across the public sector, ensuring that the right infrastructure is in place is integral. Digitalisation is no different, with the integration of IoT devices proving essential to allow newer working practices such as remote or hybrid working. Regardless of where you are working, networking and integration ensures that efficiency and collaboration can be improved, providing solutions to issues such as funding and trust-building.

In order to discuss the modernisation of IT infrastructure, Helen Coomb (London Borough of Redbridge), Constantine Asproulis (UK Export Finance), and Clare Dyble (Great Yarmouth Borough Council) brought their experiences and insights together in the third panel discussion of the conference.

Scriberia Strategic Keynote

For the second strategic keynote of the conference, Scriberia Co-Founder Dan Porter offered attendees an insight into how images and graphics can be used to improve understanding and messaging within organisations.

Porter touched on the importance of clarity when making decisions within a public sector organisation and how graphics can help reduce the risks of misunderstandings, as well as how visuals can solve public sector challenges of great scale and complexity. Porter also spoke about how visuals such as those provided by Scribera can improve alignment within organisations, as they highlight the core values within the organisation’s DNA.


As digitalisation accelerates, organisations are going to have to migrate to the cloud at some point. The longer they wait, however, the harder this is likely to become. With cloud technologies offering benefits in reduced maintenance costs and rapid scalability, other issues do remain.  Issues with resourcing are making migration more difficult, with these being compounded by a lack of digital skills and concerns around privacy and security.

To discuss how organisations can choose the best cloud solution for them, as well as how to finely balance security, cost and skills, attendees heard from Cllr Johnny Thalassites (Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea), Ravinder Singh Zandu (Cabinet Office), Patrick Haston (Cabinet Office), and the returning David Terrar.

Fiona James Keynote

The final keynote of the day saw Fiona James from the Office for National Statistics discussing ONS’ Integrated Data Service. The service will work to improve decisions, leading to better societal outcomes, however this requires users to be working in a collaborative ways. Data from health, business and people will be brought together onto one scalable service – being delivered by the ONS on behalf of the government.

Digital Citizen Engagement

Whilst it might be easy to sit and think about how much better the sector can operate in the digital world, levels of digital citizenship will ultimately decide the success of digitalisation. Without ensuring that every citizen has an equal opportunity to get online, divides are only likely to increase, leaving underserved communities even worse off.

Sam Lawrence-Rose (Kent County Council), Will Plant (Cambridgeshire County Council), and Alex Yoxall (Wigan Council) came together in the final panel discussion of the day to talk about some of the major concerns surrounding digital citizen engagement, as well as how communities can be empowered to make the most of the tech-driven world.

Whether you attended the event and want to recap some of the key insights, or if you missed it and wish to gain vital new knowledge, you can watch the 2024 Public Sector Digital Transformation Online Conference on demand here.


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