Councillors must be free to represent their electorate

02.11.15:  Councillors are elected by people on the street, not some council official, so they should be able to represent, freely, their electorate. Another restriction is where you have a political party using the whip on councillors.  19...

Pay caps are robbing Peter to pay Paul

17.08.15: By capping pay increases, whilst the cost of living is still rising, will drive increasing numbers on lower pay scales into the poverty bracket, meaning that they will have to claim tax credits and other benefits just to keep themselves within a...

'Check-off' abolition

10.08.15: There seems to be another option, which would be that trade unions actually pay for the service to support direct deductions from pay. There would be income generation for employers as well as a simple way to make union payments. Why a...

Charging at waste sites increases fly-tipping

03.08.15: Here in Cornwall, the unitary authority has made the decision to introduce charges to all at waste sites, on the grounds that the revenue generated exceeds the cost of responding to fly-tipping incidents. Needless to say, it is not an attit...

What’s left for councils to cut?

27.07.15: I can’t speak for all departments, but consumer protection nationally is way past the ‘pips squeaking’ phase, and in many authorities is essentially non-existent, leaving the most vulnerable consumers with no protection at all...

Inappropriate housing developments

20.07.15: I guess you're not alone. Here in the village of Robertsbridge 155 new homes have been imposed on us. Inevitably this means green field development and we are in an AONB! The only way forward it seems is to get a Neighbourhood Plan for your pari...

Green belt land is meant to stop urban sprawl

13.07.15: I have read your article and hope you can help. We live in Staffordshire Moorlands in Blythe Bridge and Forsbrook Parish. Staffordshire Moorlands District Council have proposed sites on green belt land for housing development and we are in the c...

Outsourcing public services is a disaster waiting to happen

05.07.15: It's not just financial cost that matters. When an outsourced supplier goes bust or has a business interruption then the public sector *still* has to pick up the pieces (despite having reduced capability and capacity due to being cut). In the ca...

Pooling health and care budgets will just transfer cash to NHS

29.06.15: Until the NHS is able to control its staffing costs, additional funding will not help, and pooling health and social care budgets will only transfer spending from social care into health care. Re: LGA calls for £5.2bn transformation f...

The value of counter-fraud training

22.06.15: Isn't this a case of 'after the horse has bolted'? CIPFA have been 'banging on' about fraud for years but never 'grasped the nettle' until now. I can remember going to any number of events, organised by CIPFA, where fraud was the feature su...

Libraries have to move forward into a digital age

15.06.15: This is absolutely correct. Libraries have to move forward into a digital age and have the competitive advantage by being at the heart of the community, already in a position of trust and responsibility. They can be innovative in their thin...

The case for proportional representation is overwhelming

08.06.15: The case for proportional representation is overwhelming in a supposedly fair and democratic country. I speak as a Labour councillor in south-west England, sitting on a unitary authority where Labour polled in the high teens percentage vote...

Business-minded councils

01.06.15:  What a really interesting article. It is good to see such innovation from the public sector. I look forward to seeing more examples of council owned business models. Re: In business

Carer's allowance and pension not the same

26.05.15: Source: Catherine Absolutely not! The pension is an entitlement for your old age for yourself, earned after years of hard work and paying national insurance and tax. The Carer's allowance, pitiful as it is, is to cover for the job you are d...

Carer's allowance

18.05.15: Carer's Allowance and pension are both replacement for work benefits. You would effectively be claiming twice to receive both. Re: New online Carer’s Allowance application system

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CCN calls for larger county council role in planning

20/06/2018CCN calls for larger county council role in planning

A larger role for county councils in planning to solve the affordability crisis has been backed by two new reports launched today. A study from ... more >
Councils should copy New York’s property levy to raise billions

20/06/2018Councils should copy New York’s property levy to raise billions

Councils in England could raise up to £62bn by mirroring New York’s property levy, according to the Association for Consultancy and Eng... more >
Rotherham Council recommended for return of final powers, says commissioners

19/06/2018Rotherham Council recommended for return of final powers, says commissioners

Government-appointed commissioners have given the green-light for Rotherham City Council to be regranted full control of public services after &l... more >

editor's comment

25/10/2017Take a moment to celebrate

Devolution, restructuring and widespread service reform: from a journalist’s perspective, it’s never been a more exciting time to report on the public sector. That’s why I could not be more thrilled to be taking over the reins at PSE at this key juncture. There could not be a feature that more perfectly encapsulates this... read more >

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The importance of openness after Grenfell

The importance of openness after Grenfell

Following the recent Grenfell Tower tragedy, Lord Porter, chairman of the LGA, argues that if the public are going to have faith in the safety testing process then everything must be out in the o... more > more last word articles >
Government under fire for lack of care funding after £20bn NHS pledge

18/06/2018Government under fire for lack of care funding after £20bn NHS pledge

Council chiefs have heavily criticised Theresa May for not including social care funding in her promise to increase cash resources by £20bn annually for the NHS to mark the service’s ... more >
Somerset should form three unitary authorities, MP suggests

12/06/2018Somerset should form three unitary authorities, MP suggests

Bath and North East Somerset Council leader, Tim Warren, has revealed that he would be open to a council merger, backing MP James Heappey’s recent suggestion of forming three new councils. ... more >

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The work of the vanguards can help overcome the challenges of integrated care

29/05/2018The work of the vanguards can help overcome the challenges of integrated care

Following the announcement of the second wave of integrated care systems (ICSs), NHS Providers, the NHS Confederation, NHS Clinical Commissioners (NHSCC) and the LGA reflect on how lessons learnt by members from across the four organisations – that have designed and worked together as part of the vanguards – will support the j... more >
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Grenfell, one year on

18/06/2018Grenfell, one year on

In the year since the Grenfell Tower disaster, the LGA has been working tirelessly to ramp up fire safety regulations and ban ‘desktop&rsqu... more >
Brexit's long shadow over devolution

18/06/2018Brexit's long shadow over devolution

The EU Referendum and the stop-start Brexit negotiations have left a looming shadow of uncertainty over devolution in the UK, writes Anthony Sala... more >
Decisions, decisions

18/06/2018Decisions, decisions

The true social value of procurement comes from asking challenging questions and thinking outside the box, argues Melissa Bell, sustainable procu... more >
Finding the balance

18/06/2018Finding the balance

Douglas White, head of advocacy at the Carnegie UK Trust, evaluates the risk-benefit relationship of data sharing within the public sector, highl... more >


Data at the heart of digital transformation

03/04/2018Data at the heart of digital transformation

SPONSORED INTERVIEW Grant Caley, UK & Ireland chief technologist at NetApp, speaks to PSE’s Luana Salles about the benefits of movin... more >
GDPR: The public sector scarecrow

03/04/2018GDPR: The public sector scarecrow

SPONSORED INTERVIEW PSE’s Josh Mines chats to Martin de Martini, CIO of Y Soft, about what the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)... more >
Keeping London safe

05/03/2018Keeping London safe

Theo Blackwell, London’s first-ever chief digital officer (CDO), speaks to PSE’s Luana Salles about the role he plays in ensuring the... more >
BIM: Digitising the public sector

19/02/2018BIM: Digitising the public sector

PSE’s Josh Mines talks to Stephen Crompton, CTO at GroupBC, and Stuart Bell, the company’s sales and marketing director, about how Bu... more >

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  • 12/06/2018G-Cloud 10: small changes, big opportunities

    Rafael Cortes, Foehn head of marketing, explains how G-Cloud 10 should be a catalyst for innovative solutions and not a source of complacency. It was...
  • 04/06/2018Targets and tribulations

    David Willett, corporate director at The Open University, walks us through the university’s research into the apprenticeship levy, as well as...
  • 30/04/2018The legacy of Grenfell

    PSE’s Seamus McDonnell looks at the reactions of councils and the government to the Grenfell Tower fire, from the immediate aftermath to the...
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