PSE – the essential guide to public sector management – uniquely and directly targets and engages those responsible for running and developing the UK public sector, through exclusive and thought-provoking news, analysis, reports and updates on all aspects of the UK government. PSE is the only magazine to have the full attention of the leaders, decision-makers and professionals across this important sector.

Our team of expert journalists and cross-industry editorial board places PSE at the forefront of the evolution and devolution happening across public services every day, offering readers a true insight into the challenges and opportunities they face, while simultaneously offering independent analysis on a wide range of solutions developed to help improve public service delivery.

Print and online readers include

  • Chief Executive, Permanent Secretary, Chair
  • Department Heads, Heads of Paid Service, MDs, Directors, Senior/Middle Management,
  • Programme & Project Management Leads/Managers/Directors
  • Councillors & MPs

From these organisations

  • Local Government – Councils and Public Services
  • Central Government – Civil Service, Parliament and Executive Agencies
  • Institutes, Associations, Official Bodies, Social Enterprises & Charities
  • Scottish Government, Welsh Assembly, Northern Ireland
  • Social Care
  • Emergency Services
  • Education

In every issue of PSE and online at you will always find a breadth of articles spanning leadership, policy, innovation, procurement, reform, social care and many other areas of importance to our readers.

PSE increases your brand’s visibility and extends its reach to the public sectors most influential audience – which is also your target market!

For further information on how you can reach and engage with PSE’s influential and exclusive audience, contact the team on 0161 833 6320 or request more information online here.

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