Apprenticeships on the rise across London boroughs

According to recent statistics by London Councils, apprenticeships directly created by London boroughs are up 14% on the previous  year.

Between April 2019 and March 2020, London boroughs generated 3,693 apprenticeships, with 1,772 of those directly employed by those boroughs.

As well as this being a 14% increase on the year before, it is also three times the amount of apprenticeships generated in 2016-17.

Fields that have benefitted from the surge in new apprenticeships include communications, construction, data analysis, human resources and many more.

Cllr Georgia Gould, Deputy Chair of London Councils and Executive Member for Skills and Employment, said:

“There is a different story behind every apprenticeship. From the young starter entering the world of work for the first time to the more experienced worker seeking to gain new skills. Apprenticeships created and supported by boroughs provide a unique opportunity for Londoners to progress in their career and give something back to their community.

“Boroughs have led the way in creating significant opportunities for apprentices, tripling the number of apprenticeships to 1,772 directly employed in the last financial year. This number increases to 3,693 when factoring in apprenticeships created in borough supply chains, maintained schools and through councils’ brokerage schemes.

“This year in particular has been a difficult year for many Londoners. The opportunities that borough apprenticeships offer to learn skills, lay foundations and expand horizons for the future of individuals and communities are vital to London’s recovery.” 

For the first time, London Councils has collected data in two new categories: apprentices recruited by businesses that boroughs have worked with but aren’t in the direct supply chain, and apprentices created through apprenticeship levy transfers from boroughs to SMEs. 

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