Ep 9. Greater Manchester's bright future, Eamonn & Andrew - GMCA

Our first podcast episode with two guests took us on the road to the TfGM offices where we spoke to two representatives from the Greater Manchester Combined Authority. Chief Executive Eamonn Boylan and Andrew Lightfoot, Strategic Director – Public Service Reform.

With hosts Ailsa Cowen and Matt Roberts, the discussion flowed from growth and equality to why healthy life expectancy between people in Manchester’s most deprived areas is cause for concern.

 Eamonn and Andrew spoke passionately about forming a skilled workforce, not just in young people, but also people who want a career change and the importance of apprenticeships.

What is being done to make Manchester carbon neutral? And how long will it take? Andrew and Eamonn are here to tell us why 2050 is effectively too late.

From the BBC and ITV to GCHQ investing in new tech startups, Eamonn and Andrew both divulge into the catalysts that caused relocations of big businesses to Manchester.

Both guests explained their plans for Manchester avidly and ensured that everyone understands their mission.



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