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The mission statement of the Northern Powerhouse is to boost the local economy by investing in skills, innovation, transport and culture, as well as devolving significant powers and budgets to directly elected mayors to ensure decisions in the North are made by the North.

EvoNorth is a 2-day event filled with lively panel discussions, debate and exclusive updates from Northern Powerhouse leaders. 

It's a chance for Public Sector members to find out more about future areas of investment for the region and how they can get a piece of the action, for organisations to promote their products and services to senior decision-makers in attendance at the event's exhibition and for businesses to later come together to discover opportunities for growth and investment at the Northern Powerhouse leaders networking dinner.

Over the 2-day event, leaders from across the region responsible for shaping, building and delivering a Northern Powerhouse for the people - creating employment, improved public services and economic growth to rival that of Asia will unite to discuss:

- Devolution
- Transport and Connectivity

- Business, Innovation and Investment
- Health, Social Care and Wellbeing
- Housing, Placemaking and Social Value
- Energy, Infrastructure and Environment

- Science and Technology
- Education, Skills and Employment

Talk to the team about attending, exhibiting and other profile enhancing opportunities speaking from the main plenary, or running a masterclass at this groundbreaking event on 0161 833 6320submit an enquiry or send an email. 





EvoNorth Guest List

Public Sector

EvoNorth Dinner

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