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This is the Northern Powerhouse. This is EvoNorth. 

The Northern Powerhouse has a growing population currently standing at 15.3 million people, is home to over a million businesses and has an economy which is now worth £329bn

The North of England is home to the N8 universities delivering more than £12bn of revenue for the region, 50% of the UK's nuclear projects, 30% of the UK’s renewable energy and seven international gateway airports flying to 254 direct destinations

There are 17 Enterprise Zones across the Northern Powerhouse which have already attracted £1.6bn of private sector investment, equivalent to over £1m per day and a cluster of research centres across digital, manufacturing, energy and more. 

Behind all of this activity are the people, the enablers, the proud northerners. 

EvoNorth unites leaders from the public and private sector to collaborate, sharing exciting innovation and build stronger Northern Powerhouse, together.

Talk to the team about attending, exhibiting and other profile enhancing opportunities speaking from the main plenary, or running a masterclass at this groundbreaking event on 0161 833 6320, submit an enquiry or send an email. 





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