Zero-waste economies positive for cities and people, says report

A report by Circle Economy shows that cities which encourage circular economy practises, such as repairing and recycling, bring in investment and new jobs.

The analysis explores how local authorities in 43 European cities support the circular economy, and found that it creates “tangible socio-economic benefits” for cities and their population.

Circle Economy’s CEO, Harald Friedl, commented: “Cities and urban policy makers play a pivotal role in accelerating the circular economy and realising its socio-economic potential.

“Governments can use the circular economy as an opportunity to ensure the inclusive and sustainable development of their cities.”

From Amsterdam to Zagreb, investments in renewable energy, engineering and IT services are having a dramatic impact on the quality of life for local people.

The report also calls on governments to move from what it calls a ‘Take-Make-Waste’ system to a circular economic model to ensure the cities are able to deal with future challenges.

The document singles out London as leading the way for the model, having pledged to make the capital a zero-waste city. Specific targets include cutting food waste by 20% per person by 2025 and sending zero biodegradable or recyclable waste to landfill by 2026.


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