Webinar – using technology to share best practice in the public sector

The recent PSE Webinar in London, in partnership with Phoenix, saw five industry leaders take a deep dive into the profound effect digital technology is having on the public sector.

Nadira Hussain, director of Leadership Development and Research at SOCITM was featured in the webinar line up on Nov 27th along with other members of key public sector organisations from across the country.


Innovation and creativity were central roles to the discussion and the exponential pace of chance happening with regards to digital technology.

The change in which organisations are now able to think differently is prevalent and “People are now seeing examples where best practices are being shared.”

“Across organisations, council to council sharing best practice, learning from others, preventing the reinvention of the wheel is where we need to be taking this. We’re limited in terms of funds, so why do we keep doing the same thing?”

There is now also an increased demand for digital technology. It is evident there has been a change in mindset regarding technology.

For exclusive access to watch the full webinar and see how you can benefit from new developments, click here. 


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