Crown Commercial Service: Top Tech Tips for The Public Sector

Source: PSE Feb/March 20

A free government whitepaper sets out nine simple steps to successful technology buying for the public sector.

Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS) Technology Solutions document tackles the purchase of both hardware and network services.

Reliable and secure online services, telephone contacts, email and document sharing are increasingly necessary but can seem difficult to assess.

The free to download CCS document provides a nine-step plan to help organisations which work in the public sector get the best deal they can. Tips include... 

  • Start early: Give yourself plenty of space to work out what you need – research the market and build in enough time to cover the complexity of your requirement.
  • Engage with your stakeholders: Find out exactly how your systems are used now and how they need to be used in the future. Are you paying for hardware and services you aren’t using? If so, adjust your requirements.
  • Test drive!: Talk to potential suppliers about samples you can trial or ask them to demonstrate new technologies for your organisation. For network services, try to speak to organisations similar to yours in terms of size, technology requirements and, importantly, location.

Peter Kirwan, Deputy Director - Technology at CCS, said:

“Procurement and supply in the technology space requires very careful planning, after all, technologies change dramatically between procurements. It’s important to find out how the market has altered since you last sought such solutions, and what innovations have been made in the interim.

“The ways in which people use technology to do their jobs continues to change, and workplaces need to consider how they keep pace with advances in device capability and worker expectations.

“Getting the right devices, in the correct quantity as well as appropriate, reliable network services to support your work is as important as ever.”

Find out more by downloading our free CCS Technology Solutions whitepaper.


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