The EUA call on government to prioritise decarbonisation

The Energy and Utilities Alliance (EUA) has published a manifesto asking the next government to make the big decisions on decarbonisation.

The newly published manifesto (Nov 28) states that ‘customers must be at the front and centre of future heat strategy’ and urges the use of clean gases such as hydrogen to reach net zero carbon by 2050.

Five key priority areas are set out in the manifesto, the first being A new infrastructure, calling for reform through a public and private sector partnership. It outlines ‘clean gas’ as the key to solving the ‘trilemma’ of Affordability, Energy security and Emissions.

The second priority is an Ambitious Heat Policy with a number of requirements put on the new government regarding the impact of policies such as the Renewable Heat Incentive and the Green Deal, and the Boiler Scrappage Scheme.

Stronger Action on Transport Emissions, in particular HGVs and viable electric or gas-powered alternatives was outlined as needing ‘urgent action’ to reach decarbonisation. It also asks for the roll our of more city Clean Air Zone, with a charging element to encourage the take up of gas-powered vehicles.

The fourth point is Making Fuel Poverty History, stating that ‘no one should ever go cold in their home’ and that cold weather is estimated to cost the NHS £1.5bn a year. The manifesto wants the next government to make ‘significant changes to legislation, investment and the promotion of the right to live in a warm home.’

The final key priority for the EUA is Building Better Homes and Enforcing Standards, as it claims that Britain has some of the oldest and most inefficient housing stock in Europe, especially in the private rented sector. 300,000 is the suggested number of new homes that need to be build a year to meet demand.

Mike Foster, chief executive, EUA said:

“Decarbonisation is high on the political agenda, and rightly so. But for the UK to meet the 2050 Net Zero targets, the incoming government must consider the consumer journey to decarbonisation.”

“Consumers should be front and centre of future policy, and government, together with industry have a duty to consider what they really want and if it can be delivered. Take a look at the heat sector for example. When it comes to heat, gas is the UK’s fuel of choice, and for good reasons. The gas grid currently delivers gas into the homes over 85% of the UK population which is achieved through a first-class distribution network developed over many years.”

The EUA ‘stands ready to meet with and discuss any aspect of their manifesto with those seeking office in December 2019 and those advising politicians’.


Photo: EUA manifesto 


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