PSE Podcast #001 - Inequality within the North

Stephanie Riches, Co-ordinator of the People’s Powerhouse, joins us in the studio for our very first PSE podcast, giving a deep dive into her new role, diversity and inclusion in the public sector and the People’s Powerhouse Charter, rounded off with a Manchester quiz!


With hosts Emily Rodgers and Matt Roberts, the conversation in kept flowing at the Cognitive Publishing offices here in Manchester as we discuss all things Northern Powerhouse. Stephanie’s proud Manchester roots, shine through as we talk about what the future of the North could look like with a bit of Powerhouse magic.


Covering young people’s voices and youth unemployment, to grassroots policy making, this conversation is an insight into the amazing work being done every day to push the Northern Powerhouse forward. Stephanie knows it takes ‘baby steps’ to make these changes but outlines how they’re on their way breaking out of the norm and creating a more successful North of England.

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Details about the upcoming People’s Powerhouse event and how you can attend are included in the half-hour chat, including Stephanie’s favourite songs, and a Manchester quiz we invite you all to join in with.


She also outlines the importance of failing as a young person, why we should have to wait until we are in our 30s to fail and why it’s a necessary part of growth. Giving a real account of what her role, as the only person directly employed by People’s Powerhouse, truly is.


An extra point if you can guess who Stephanie would invite to her EvoNorth event? I’ll give you a clue – he’s Mancunian.


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