Nottingham council in HS2 partnership to deliver ‘once in a generation’ opportunity

Nottingham County Council has agreed to go into partnership with a regeneration specialist to prepare the region for the new East Midlands HS2 station.

Nottinghamshire’s selection as the location of the East Midlands HS2 rail hub offers a “once in a generation” opportunity for the local and national economy and provide thousands of jobs, homes and infrastructure to the region.

The council has teamed up with London and Continental Railways (LCR), which is wholly owned by the Department for Transport, and specialises in large transport-related regeneration projects.

Pending a legal sign off, LCR will start working with Nottingham CC immediately to “realise the massive economic benefits” linked to HS2, with the new station at Toton expected to open in 2033.

They will work on issues such as land assembly, property management and master planning, paving the way for a new locally-led development body to fast track growth and infrastructure in and around the station.

Cllr Kay Cutts, leader of the Nottingham CC and chairman of the Toton Delivery Board, said: “The arrival of HS2 has the potential to provide massive economic benefits for Nottinghamshire and the wider region, so it is important we are in a position to maximise that potential.

“This is a once in a generation opportunity with the potential to benefit local people and our economy for generations to come, but we must plan and act now if those benefits are going to be achieved.

She added: “There is still much work to do to formalise the development body, which may take some time and be subject to Parliamentary assent, so it's our intention to work with LCR in the interim on the preliminary work and to assist in the creation of the development body.”

LCR is also currently working with local authorities to deliver regeneration projects around the new and existing stations in Leeds, Sheffield and Staffordshire, and on transforming the Mayfield Quarter in Manchester.

David Joy, chief executive of LCR said: “As a platform for driving investment in the local economy, the potential benefits of HS2 are vast.

“Our proposed partnership reflects Nottinghamshire County Council’s forward-thinking approach to maximising the regeneration benefits offered by better connectivity and the creation of a major new transport hub.”


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