New look Cyber Security protection for businesses

A newly streamlined, Government-backed certification scheme for cyber security was launched this week (Apr 1) by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

The ‘new look’ Cyber Essentials Scheme will be delivered to protect organisations from cyber threats and create clear guidance to respond effectively to cyber security.

With more and more organisations working from home to stop the spread of the coronavirus, sensitive data might be more exposed without the protection of sophisticated office systems, making now a critical time to ensure businesses know how to protect themselves.

The scheme has been delivered previously through multiple different bodies, but NCSC, part of GCHQ, has decided that a single delivery partner is the best way to inform the public.

Over 40,000 UK businesses have been supported by NCSC since the scheme launched in 2014, to protect themselves from the most common cyber threats.

A lot of sensitive data is held within the public sector, from local councils to healthcare organisations, it’s essential that the sector is safe from cyber attacks.

That’s why PSE has gone directly to the experts to bring you a feature in our June/July issue on the ins and outs of cyber security.

We have spoken to NCSC, who have a feature in the April/May issue of PSE, and in addition to their handy guide, will be giving us deeper insight into measures of self-protection.

Two leading cyber security programmes at UK Universities will also weigh in to guide us safely through this period, covering solutions, mitigating threats and protecting sensitive data.

Don’t miss our Digital Innovation section in the upcoming issue of PSE and the cyber security solutions heading your way in June/July.

To be involved in this feature, contact one of our team.


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