New framework addresses the importance of digital transformation for the public sector

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Ryan Reed, head of public sector sales at Swiss Post Solution (SPS), reveals the new ESPO 390 framework, which can help address the need for digital transformation across the public sector. 

The administrative and financial burden of manual processes and physical records is taking its toll on across the public sector. The government’s Digital Strategy recognises the necessity of digitisation to improve the ease and efficiency of user experience by making public services ‘digital by default.’

The new ESPO 390 framework addresses the need for digital transformation within the public sector, in terms of the huge benefits of digitisation and the detrimental cost of maintaining physical processes. The framework provides quick, simple, and competitive access to a range of document scanning solutions within the public sector – from end-to-end scanning through to retrieval, storage, destruction, and enhanced security. It is a significant step in the government’s digital agenda objective, providing a centralised group of approved suppliers.

The framework went live on 22 October this year, and SPS has been awarded a place on all four lots of the new framework offering end-to-end scan, records storage and digital transformation, and highly secure services. SPS secured a strong score against other competitors for all services within the framework.

As a leading global document management company, SPS already provides document processing and scanning services to high-security clients, both in the public and private sectors. This experience, and our new position on the framework, places us in a prime position to deliver digital transformation and scanning services across the public sector, and work with you to unlock the benefits of digitisation.

Digital transformation is something SPS has experienced first-hand through our work with government bodies. We provided hybrid mail services to one of the largest London councils for correspondence with over 136,000 households. Through remote printing, mail preparation time was saved by 30% - valuable staff time that could be re-invested into other areas critical to maintaining public services. A central digital file also provided a full audit trail for full visibility and control of processes, which were almost impossible to monitor in their physical format.

Digitisation is an essential component in the future of the entire public sector to reduce deficits and transform pubic services. The ESPO 390 framework acknowledges this, and as the leading supplier on the framework, SPS will be a trusted partner on your digital transformation journey.

SPS recently launched an invitation-only, private forum for NHS trusts to learn, share, and engage with their peers.

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