Lancashire County Council outlines plans for a Combined Authority

Lancashire County Council has launched a set of proposals (July 28) to give the county more of a voice in local and central Government.

In a statement made by the Council, Lancashire’s ‘complicated and fragmented’ administrative structures were highlighted as blockers of benefits such as devolution deals and a clear unified voice.

Other areas of the North West and England are able to make these decisions with a united front, and get more attention from central Government through an elected mayor and joined up authority, and now Lancashire are looking to make this move.

Council Leader Geoff Driver CBE has set out a roadmap which points towards the establishment of a Lancashire Combined Authority, with an elected mayor representing the region.

Plans show the potential elimination of the 15 council bodies currently within Lancashire and replacing them with a more streamlined structure, with three councils delivering the services. The end result of which will be the creation of the Combined Authority.

Geoff Driver CBE said:

 "For far too long Lancashire has missed out on the benefits of devolution because of internal squabbles about how our structures are organised. It's time to set aside petty politicking and break that logjam.

"These bold and ambitious proposals represent a once-in-a-generation change that will transform Lancashire and benefit everyone who lives in this great county."

The roadmap is now being worked into firm proposals in preparation for submission to central Government.

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