Financial details of 6,000 London residents at risk after council cyber-attack

Around 6,000 people have had their financial details put at risk after Lewisham Council’s IT system was hacked.

In a statement, Ian Thomas, chief executive of Lewisham, said the council “sincerely regrets” how the portal used by its digital team was compromised.

The portal that was illegally accessed by cybercriminals was part of a data analysis project outside of Lewisham’s IT network. The core IT system is unaffected.

The type of data which may have been affected by the attack includes personal data derived from the council’s tax and housing benefit, housing, adult social care, education, and planning.

Lewisham became aware of the incident because it was subjected to a ransomware attack (when data on a computer is locked by encryption and the victim is ordered to pay a ransom fee). The hacker has been reported to the police.

The council says it is directly contacting all those impacted by the attack. If residents have not received a letter by 13 August they can assume that their financial data is not affected.

Thomas explained: “Residents using our services are our highest priority. We sincerely regret this matter and are fully committed to doing everything we can to support those who may be affected.”

You can contact 0800 953 3045 if you have any questions or would like advice.

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Image credit: gorodenkoff


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