Ep. 14 Deeds not words – Cllr Paula Langley

East Hampshire District Councillor Paula Langley joined Emily Rodgers on Public Sector Voices this week to give us insight into the role of a councillor at a very local level, and how the community is pulling through the crisis.

Paula represents the most deprived ward in East Hampshire, and was inspired to enter local politics after realising what is was lacking – Deeds not words.

Alton Aid is a volunteer service that has propped up the local area and protected its most vulnerable residents with food deliveries, tech support and a friend to turn to, and Paula is right at the heart of that service.

With discussions on foodbanks, education, libraries and more, Paula’s love for her ward shines through the discussion and leaves you feeling inspired by her rapid response, at a time when rapid response has been critical.

Find out what local authorities are missing, and why Paula thinks that despite being ‘locked inside our houses’, we’ve never been so connected, on this episode of Public Sector Voices.



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