Allocation details of £14 billion funding for schools announced

A new set of figures have been announced today (Friday 11) to outline how schools are to benefit from Government’s £14bn education investment.

UK schools will receive details of how they are going to benefit after it is announced that every school across the country will get more money for every child.

Every secondary school is able to receive at least £5,000 per pupil next year and £4,000 for each primary school student from 2021-22.

Extra funding will go to schools that are most desperate and could stand to benefit the most from the money.

In August, the Prime Minister announced a £14bn budget over three years for schools, rising to £52.2bn by 2022-23.

The first section of the pot, £2.6bn, will be received in the coming year and today, schools and local authorities will find out specific allocations for the money, making it easier to start planning for the future.

Part of this includes £780m to be released in 2020-21 to help children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) to make the most out of their education and reach their potential.

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“I promised on my first day in Downing Street to make sure every child has equal opportunities to succeed – regardless of their background or where they live. Because I believe that talent and genius is evenly distributed but so often opportunity is not, and my job is to change this.”

Other measures have been announced recently including the creation of more quality free school places and a £4.4bn commitment over the next three years for additional pension costs for teachers.

Giving teachers yet another motive to go into or stay in education, after it was announced today that workload was down by five hours a week.

The additional funds, available from April will ensure that funding per-pupil for all schools can rise in unison with inflation.

It will keep areas that have been historically under-funded protected with the progress of the National Funding Formula and enable schools to plan their budget with confidence and certainty moving forward.

Secretary of State for Education Gavin Williamson said:

“Our schools do a brilliant job and I want parents and teachers to know that we’ve listened to them and are investing in our children’s futures. That’s why this Government has announced the biggest funding boost for schools in a decade which will give every school more money for every child - with the biggest increases going to the schools that need it most.”

The government is promising to offer more support to schools moving forward including the launch of the Resource Management Strategy and a free vacancy service for teacher recruitment.

Education has been steadily improving since 2010, with more 19-year-olds leaving school with English and Maths GCSEs, more primary school children on track to becoming fluent readers and almost one million school places created.



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